Alexandria Estate Planning

You have worked hard to build a secure future for your family. But what happens to that future when you are no longer here to protect it? Even if you do not have a large estate, it is important that you put your wishes into writing. A clear, concise, legally sound will or trust helps preserve your legacy and ensure that your family is taken care of in the manner you prefer.

At Alexandria, Virginia's Richard A. Dezio, P.C., we help you prepare for an uncertain future. We attend to all legal matters pertaining to your estate, including the following:

  • Creating a will or trust
  • Creating living wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Will administration
  • Trust administration

Wills in Virginia

A will ensures that your debts are settled and your property and finances are distributed according to your wishes. Most importantly, if you have minor children, a will provides for the appointment of guardians.

When you create a will, you name an executor to oversee the dispersal of assets. The executor has many responsibilities, such as the following:

  • Filing the will in the local probate court
  • Managing your assets until they are distributed to beneficiaries
  • Supervising the distribution of your property

A properly prepared will may reduce estate expenses and limit any discord between beneficiaries by clearly stating how, when, and to whom your estate will be distributed.

Living trusts

While a will deals with the immediate distribution of your property and assets following your death, a living trust allows you to avoid probate, provide for management of your affairs during incapacitation, and plan for the long-term allocation of your estate.

Our experienced estate law attorneys can help you determine if a living trust fits your needs. We can also draft the legal documents creating the trust and help you identify and appoint a trustee or administrator of the trust.

Living wills

A living will—or advance medical directive (AMD)—enables you to make decisions regarding your health and welfare even when you are incapacitated. Working with an experienced lawyer to create a living will or AMD helps ensure that your document will be legally sound and that your wishes will be followed in the event of a medical situation.

Durable general power of attorney

Who will manage your financial affairs if you are incapacitated?  A durable general power of attorney lets you prepare for this possibility while you are in full control of your faculties.  Appointing this individual before he or she is needed ensures that your finances will be controlled by someone you trust, and gives you time to provide instruction regarding how to use this authority.

Start protecting your tomorrow today

The future is always closer than it seems.  That is why planning for it is crucial. The skilled attorneys at Richard A. Dezio, P.C. can assist you in estate planning, administration, and litigation.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you prepare for the future.